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Enterprises need professionals to extract insights from raw data to make predictions and decisions to generate business value. Our Data Science and AI programs equip the learners to identify and seize opportunities in the world of advanced analytics and unlock the potential of data to bring about actionable insights

Our learning interventions are designed with a deep understanding of the domain and the need of the enterprises.

The custom designed learning interventions are for learners:

  • From any background with functional expertise who have to upskill in analytics to get insights and make decisions
  • With Engineering/Tech/Science backgrounds aspiring to reach Tech leadership roles that require strategic thinking and decision making
  • In technical roles involved in coding and configurations, having to manage data and perform data analysis

Our Data Science and ML programs provide a strong foundation to analyse and evaluate data using appropriate tools and technologies, employ sophisticated methods for data modeling, apply ethical judgement to the use of data. Bring about cost-effective solutions and innovative strategies

Highlights of our Data Science and ML track:

  • Open Source packages as Numpy, Pandas, Sci kit learn, Matplotlib along with Python to create data science and Machine learning models
Amazon web service

Our Big Data Engineering programs are for organizations transitioning to distributed data architectures that need data engineers who can build scalable data pipe-lines on the cloud using robust and extensible technology platforms.

  • Big Data Engineering with Apache Spark focuses on the strategies to parallelize datasets and computations and the use of high-level Data Frame-based APIs to read, transform and render data from specified data sources.
  • Big Data Engineering using Data bricks and Delta lake focuses on the understanding how Apache spark can harness the power of Delta lake to work with and extract actionable insights from a polyglot repository.
  • Machine Learning with Spark equips the learners to handle computations in petabyte-sized clusters with the selection of the right ML model
  • Domain specific Analytics programs
    • Clinical / Health Care / Analytics
    • Manufacturing Analytics
    • Financial Analytics and many more.

Data Science and AI Offerings

Data Science and AI Offerings




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