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We noticed a common pain point across industry landscapes and organizational pyramids: an urgent need for a disruptive, outcome-driven, practitioner-led and extremely tough deep skilling solution.

Since it didn't exist, we created our own: a new system where participants learn through work, not traditional training processes or boring presentations. Instead, we opted for deep skilling projects with constant performance reviews and fastidious feedback. This delivered tremendous results: longer retention of applicable skills and innovative, non-trivial results through iteration, adaptation & self-learning.

Whether you're looking to prepare new recruits or reskill/upskill an existing workforce, Full Stack Development is the way to go. And we're here to make it happen for you.

Customer Impact - Case 1

For one of the top tier large IT organizations in India, we created over 800 full stack product engineers to take up digital engagements through StackRoute Immersive programs.

<90% Almost all participants are deployed in projects and most are in client facing roles.

40+ Over 40 resources are working closely with client teams at their locations with increased revenue.

30% Reduced the “Time-to-billability” by 30% or more.

1-2 Reduced the bench time by 1-2 months per resource. This increases billing opportunities for IT firms which they would otherwise lose due to bench time.

20% Estimated 20% reduction in training cost.


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