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Empowering your workforce in the right way can be tricky. With an industry leading knowledge transformation partner, you can have your peace of mind. Stackroute’s Gen AI training has been designed to meet varying and unique B2B needs. No matter which industry you operate in, our 4A’s Gen AI models (Awareness, Application, Augmentation, and Adaptation) can help you find a way.

  • Awareness: From using GitHub Co-pilot to Tabnine, this is an intensive training offering effective insight into coding and debugging.
  • Application: Whether it's using GitHub Enterprise or AWS Code Whisperer, this is a stage where you come close quarters into understanding the scope of implementation.
  • Augmentation: With Prompt Engineering in the center, this stage of Gen AI learning is designed to guide learners in mastering key PE concepts and real-time solutioning.
  • Adaptation: The last stage of Gen AI learning where you explore Vertex AI's pivotal role in Google Codey models, and further understand different Codey models including code generation, chat, and completion APIs.

Gen AI B2B Training Has Never Looked This Good

With a rise in business challenges, companies need to come up with out-of-the-box solutions. But at the same time, the focus is on saving time and getting more done using your existing talent. That’s where Stackroute’s Gen AI comes in. This is a one-of-a-kind learning experience that ditches hypothetical concepts and embraces learning with real time insights.

  • LMS integrations-Our Gen AI programs come with a comprehensive Learning Management System (LMS) for a seamless experience
  • Industry-leading mentorship-Gain vital industry insights and real-world expertise from CDOs and top AI professionals
  • Hackathons & Gamification-Chance to apply acquired knowledge via hackathons and gamification boosting problem-solving skills
  • Customized Learning Paths-Gen AI training demands flexibility. That’s why we have tailored programs meeting unique needs of your organization and specific business objectives.
  • Future-Ready Skills-A skill for times ahead where your workforce gets to leverage generative AI, foster innovation and drive digital transformation.

Talent Is Your Greatest Asset. Nurture Them Better With Generative Ai certification

A robust GenAI training helps organizations discover turnkey business opportunities and proactive solutions. Stackroute’s Gen AI modules are downright flexible with a comprehensive learning experience.


Automate to augment

As a business, it’s important to keep doing what you’re good at. Stackroute Generative AI training seamlessly facilitates knowledge discovery from diverse sources by using data mining and extraction techniques.


Reimagine workflows.

Here’s your unique chance to transform the way you work. Get more done with a customized learning pathway and achieve specific business objectives.

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Frequently Asked Questions!

1. Which course is best for generative AI? groupgroup
Honestly, there’s no best course for Generative AI. For a business, it all depends on the current knowledge level of their workforce and specific objectives. That’s where Stackroute’s B2B Gen AI training makes a difference with unique and customized learning pathways.
2. Is generative AI a good career?groupgroup
Generative AI is one of the top careers today with a string of rewarding career opportunities. For organizations, a Gen AI training helps upskill the workforce, retain talent, and make the best out of them for transformational changes.
3. Is there a certification for generative AI?groupgroup
Yes! Upon successful completion of Gen AI training, all learners are provided with a globally valid certificate.