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Value Discovery through Analytics

April 20, 2020, 2:30 PM IST

Anticipating tomorrow’s issues is a challenge. Maximising our capabilities and developing new ones to meet the needs of tomorrow is not. It is easier than ever before. ‘Stay Ahead with StackRoute Webinars’ presents Nagendra Prasad, Anirban Ghatak and Sudeep Prasad on a live webcast on “Value Discovery through Analytics” Monday, April 20 | 8 pm - 9 pm IST.

The volume and variety of raw data generated and stored in enterprise databases is growing at a pace never known before. Data collection, storage and dissemination are built into daily operations of almost all enterprises. The domain of healthcare for example, has already generated a tsunami of quantitative and image data, driven by healthcare providers, hospitals, insurance, and regulatory and compliance establishments. And we continue to see datasets generated in the situation of the pandemic. All of us know and agree that competitive advantage lies with those who can unlock the knowledge hidden in the raw data and bring about new opportunities for themselves to sustain, gain and thrive in the market place. We do have a few points to ponder

Key takeaways:

  • Are we getting value out of the data for actionable insights for increased marketing effective ness, improved experience excellence and increased revenues?

  • Are we in the state of being “data rich” and “information poor”?

  • Are we equipped enough to take the “value” out of data?

  • This webcast will address the why, what and the how of “value discovery with analytics”.


R Nagendra Prasad

Senior Consultant (Product Management and Analytics), StackRoute

Sudeep Prasad

Senior Consultant (Product Lifecycle Specialist), StackRoute

Anirban Ghatak

Senior Consultant (Data Science and Big Data Engineering), StackRoute

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