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Site Reliability Engineering:

Becoming resilient to turbulent IT workloads with SRE’

April 23, 2020, 9:30 AM IST

 Anticipating tomorrow’s issues is a challenge. Maximising our capabilities and developing new ones to meet the needs of tomorrow is not. It is easier than ever before – ‘Stay Ahead with StackRoute Webinars’ presents Nagendra Prasad and Ravindranath on a live webcast, ‘Site Reliability Engineering: Becoming resilient to turbulent IT workloads with SRE’.

The fundamental requirement of a SRE is to create highly reliable and scalable software systems. Google’s approach to operating its production systems is fundamental to SRE practices. An interesting trivia to hit SRE in one line – Linkedin profile description by Benjamin Treynor Sloss, VP Engg at Google – “If google ever stops working, it is my fault”.

Software engineers and developers have always designed systems to make it work. SRE is about designing systems not only to anticipate failure but also to embrace it.

Key takeaways:

  • The context of enterprise IT that has led to consider SRE as a strategic imperative.

  • The need to proactively build and maintain more reliable services as a culture.

  • How SRE principles and practices can build resiliency by leveraging automation?


R Nagendra Prasad

Senior Consultant (Product Management and Analytics), StackRoute

Ravindranath Palahalli

Director, SocView Solutions

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