For Individuals

Our Product management programs help learners design, build and develop products that customers love. The programs are designed to build a strong foundation to:

  • Understand the competitive landscape and product market fit
  • Apply design thinking approach in product creation
  • Communicate the vision and product roadmap
  • Develop customer experiences across the entire product portfolio
  • Be a visionary for the product

Product Management offerings

Designed for FinTech, Health Tech, IT and ITeS Professionals

Product Management Foundation

Develop a mindset to think in term of products and be able to design, and develop products!

Product Management Professional

Design, Build and Develop products that customers love!

Digital Product Owner

Formulate vision and product roadmap, and own the responsibility of maximizing the value of the products.

Tailored program design based on technologies (such as cloud product manager, IoT product manager) and software development methodologies (agile product owner)