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Transform your workforce with Big Data

We are in a disruptive landscape, where emerging technologies are redefining the 21st century enterprise and customer needs are constantly changing. It is thus more important for organizations to prepare their workforce to meet the needs of the future. The ability to build the required competitive capabilities in an environment of complexity and uncertainty is key to finding a competitive edge.

Transitioning to various roles in a technical career require competencies and skillsets to be strengthened according to the requirement and the role. Short Term Courses and Certifications are often utilized for such progressions. Such programs focus purely on the technical or functional areas that miss the competence development aspects required for the particular role.

Your employees must embrace modern data techniques in order to realize your most important strategic initiatives. Our Big Data Engineering programs are for organizations transitioning to distributed data architectures that need data engineers who can build scalable data pipe-lines on the cloud using robust and extensible technology platforms. Here are some evident reasons to nominate your employees for this program.

  • The programs are designed to your organizational requirements and challenges as we believe in virtual immersive, which is real time learning with less lectures, more hands-on and experiential learning.
  • Learners will be experienced on the Databricks platform – a very first of its kind experience in the market.
  • Data Lake is a repository of structured and unstructured data, a required skill in the industry today has been covered in the program in integration with Delta Lake - an open source implementation of Data Lake - using Apache Spark.
  • The unique value add of this program is the exposure to cutting edge Big Data architecture such as Delta architecture and Lambda architecture.
  • The mentors bring their deep industry experience into the virtual classroom. They understand the challenges of Big Data Engineering and Machine Learning projects in business scenarios, and can relate to teams at every level, skillset and function of your company.
  • The capstone projects designed for the programs will use Real-time datasets, and will give market relevant knowledge and experience.

Program Offerings

Enterprise Big Data Engineering & Machine Learning using Spark (150 Hrs)

The program will empower learners with the skills to scale Data Science and Machine Learning tasks on Big Datasets using Apache Spark. The learner will use Apache Spark ML libraries to develop a scalable real-world machine learning pipeline and will implement distributed algorithms for fundamental statistical models.

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Enterprise Big Data Engineering using Databricks & Delta Lakes(150 Hrs)

The program also establishes strong foundations in key big data pipeline using Azure Databricks - an Apache Spark-based analytics platform optimized for the Microsoft Azure Cloud. The learner will use Apache Spark to parallelize computations over the Azure cloud powered by Databricks and Delta Lake.

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Program Offerings