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The 9 to 5 of IR 4.0:

Nine technologies transforming IR 4.0 and the Five actions to embrace IR 4.0

R Nagendra Prasad,  Jayanth Lakavalli,  Ravikiran Annaswamy,  Sudeep Prasad 

Failure ain’t everything, it is a learning thing:

Identifying and overcoming app development challenges

Sudeep Prasad,  Murali Somisetty 

Value Discovery through Analytics

Anticipating tomorrow’s issues is a challenge. Maximising our capabilities and developing new ones to meet the needs of tomorrow is not. It is easier than ever before. ‘Stay Ahead with StackRoute Webinars’ presents Nagendra Prasad, Anirban Ghatak and Sudeep Prasad on a live webcast on “Value Discovery through Analytics” Monday, April 20 | 8 pm - 9 pm IST.

R Nagendra Prasad,  Sudeep Prasad,  Anirban Ghatak