Digital Architect
Conclave 2023

"Architecting for
Tomorrow's Experiences"

Event Details

Date: 21st April 2023
Time: 8 AM - 5 PM
Location: Shangri-La, Bangalore

Architecting for Tomorrow's Experiences

Enterprises are innovating to deliver competitive advantage by systematically developing capabilities in Business Architecture, Cloud Architecture, D&A Architecture, IoT/Blockchain architecture to name a few. There has never been a more exciting time to architect innovative solutions. Today, architects must adapt to take advantage of rapidly changing technologies and deliver business value at an ever-increasing pace.

This one-day conclave is an opportunity to meet practitioners and experts to share knowledge, gain insights on latest trends and architecture best practices.

StackRoute® is an NIIT venture. Established in August 2015, StackRoute runs disruptive IT learning solutions for professionals aspiring for technical leadership. As the learning partner in digital transformation, StackRoute works with several large IT organizations, product engineering organizations and GICs.

We are a proud learning partner in digital transformation journeys to leading organizations, we achieved yet another milestone! Our Architect Competence Development programs have reached a significant milestone transforming 2000+ professionals across 10+ clients winning 8 Brandon Hall awards. We are proud of our role in helping architects build the ability to innovate, take larger responsibility, and create value. We have designed and delivered 50+ unique custom designed interventions across areas including Architecture, Product management, Digital Engineering, Data science, Data engineering, and Digital Transformation.

In the endeavour to help organizations to strengthen their architecture talent, we proudly announce the first edition of “Digital Architect Conclave” to be held in Shangri- La, Bengaluru on Friday,the 21st April 2023. We are excited to be creating this opportunity for aspiring and practising architects to connect across organizations, share latest trends that will shape the future of architecture with best practices.

There are a lot of exhilarating activities and interesting exercises planned for the day including but not limited to Keynotes by industry experts, Sessions on best practices, latest architectural trends by leading Digital Arch. Panels consisting of leaders/practitioners from various domains/industries, followed by Poster Presentations to showcase the best-in-class architecture implementations.

Themes for the Event

You will experience information packed panel discussions, ignite talks and real-life case studies that will help you plan your digital architecture blueprint. Here are the three focus segments in the NIIT-SR architecture conclave 2023.

  1. Architecting for Digital Transformation - Digital transformation is being embraced by all industry verticals and substantially impacts markets, competitive landscapes, and people. Architecture is a vital link in IT value creation in digital transformation programs. The purpose of this segment is to appreciate the business connection of architecture and connect with business of value of architecture.
  2. Emerging Trends that will shape the future of Architecture-While IT and Business have become the two faces of the same coin, the synergy of digital technologies have created insanely great experiences in every industry and is accelerating. With cloud becoming the destination for enterprise multi-structured data, unified business context is revealed to decision making by combining data from edge sensors to seamless data exchanges across partners and other business enterprises. The purpose of this segment is to reimagine the potential of future technologies on architecture practices and services.
  3. Sustainable Architectures in the world of Agile, Cloud and DevOps-We are in the platforms and eco-systems era where mission critical IT is not only required to be resilient but also released almost every second! The synergy of agile practices, site reliability, AIOPs have enabled enterprises not only customize business models to different markets but also deploy IT at the speed of business. The purpose of this segment is to relearn our responsibilities to evolve sustainable architecture and associated practices.

Who will be Attending ?

CXO, VP, Director, Head, Manager & Specialist of-

Enterprise Architecture

Digital / Technology Strategy

IT Strategy & Architecture

Innovation Architecture

Strategy & Architecture

Solution Architecture

Product Architecture

Security Architecture

Product Engineering

Program Management

A call for Practicing/Aspiring Architects

A great opportunity to showcase your Architectural Thinking through Poster Sessions.

Poster sessions are a great way to present your case studies/solution approaches with challenges faced/innovative ideas/interesting work and receive feedback from mentors and experts. The aim is to demonstrate your architectural thinking and get inputs/feedback to help broaden your thinking and develop new perspectives. Explore this opportunity.

The poster has to be aligned to the theme, “Architecting for Tomorrow’s Experiences” and in connection with any of the sub topics:

  • Architecting for Digital Transformation
  • Emerging technologies that will shape the future of Architecture
  • Sustainable Architecture in the world of Agile, Cloud & Devop

Read the Guidelines to register for Poster Session

Read the Guidelines to register for Case Study presentation

The Time Is Now

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We invite you to make this conclave exceptional and impactful for you and your organisation.



Talks from Distinguished Speakers

2Leading Digital
Architect Panels

Experts discuss challenges and latest trends

3Case Study

Experts share their Innovative solutions and best practices


Showcase of best-in-class architectures and ideas

S. No.




8:00 am to 8:45 am

Registration and Refreshments


8:45 am to 9:00 am

Welcome address (Dr. Yogesh Bhatt) + Lighting the Lamp


9:00 am to 9:30 am

Address by Rajendra Pawar

Theme - 1: Architecting for Digital Transformation


9:30 am to 10:15 am

Panel discussion: "Adaptive, resilient, and sustainable architectures" by Gopalakrishna Bylahalli (EY): Utkarsh B, Nagaraj Kulkarni, Hemanth Kumar A, Nitin Kaulavkar


10:15 am to 10:45 am

Ignite Talk: Reshaping India’s GovTech Landscape with Whole-of-Government Architecture (IndEA) by Dr. Pallab Saha, The Open Group


10:45 am to 11:30 am

Poster sessions breakout 1 with Refreshments


11:30 am to 11:45 am

Expert talk: Modern Banking Platform by Venu Madhav (FIS)


11:45 am to 12:00 pm

Expert talk: Digital Transformation in HealthCare for Thalassemia by Amit Sedai and Rajat Agarwal (Jagriti)

Theme - 2 & 3: Emerging Technologies that will shape the future of architecture & Building the Architect Talent Pipeline


12:00 pm to 01:00 pm

Panel discussion: "Architecting for Tomorrow: Embracing the Latest Tech Trends in Software Architecture" by Nishith Pathak (DXC): Priya Kanduri, Vijay Seshadri, Srinivasulu Nasam, Srinivas Varadarajan


01:00 pm to 02:00 pm

Lunch Break and Group Photograph


02:00 pm to 02:30 pm

Sharing Experiences: "Building the Architect Talent Pipeline" by Dr. Vishnupriya: Nishith Pathak, Murale Narayanan, Padma Krishnan

Theme - 4: Data and AI - Architecting the right way


02:30 pm to 03:00 pm

Ignite Talk: Architecting & managing AI/ML systems at scale by Hari Bhaskar (Google)


03:00 pm to 03:15 pm

Expert talk: Data Products and Data Mesh by Balaji Raghunathan (ITC Infotech)


03:15 pm to 04:00 pm

Poster sessions breakout 2 with Refreshments


04:00 pm to 04:15 pm

Expert talk: IOT Analytics by Suprakash Nandy (Tiger Analytics)


04:15 pm to 04:30 pm

Expert talk: Customer Data Platform by Kathiresan Venkatachalam (Happiest Minds)


04:30 pm to 04:45 pm

Awards for Best Posters


04:45 pm to 05:00 pm

Vote of Thanks by Bimaljeet Bhasin

Distinguished Architects take a center stage @ the Conclave

Pallab Saha

Dr. Pallab Saha

General Manager (India), The Open Group

Nitin Mishra

Nitin Mishra

Chief Technology Officer & President, ONDC

Utkarsh B

Utkarsh B

Chief Architect, Flipkart

Nishith Pathak

Nishith Pathak

Global Lead- Architecture & Innovation for Cloud & Infrastructure, DXC

Priya Kanduri

Priya Kanduri

Vice President & CTO- IMSS, Happiest Minds Technologies

Murale Narayanan

Murale Narayanan

Senior Director- Modern Cloud & Application Services, Dell Technologies, India CoE

Balaji Raghunathan

Balaji Raghunathan

Vice President,
Technology and Solutions,
Digital Experience, ITC Infotech Ltd.

Gopalakrishna Bylahalli

Gopalakrishna Bylahalli

Advanced Engineering & Technology Transformation Leader, EY

Padma Krishnani

Padma Krishnan

General Manager, ITC Infotech

Kathiresan Venkatachalam

Kathiresan Venkatachalam

Data Architect, COE Analytics, Happiest Minds Technologies

Dr. Hari Bhaskar

Dr. Hari Bhaskar

Machine Learning/Engineering Leader, Google Maps/Geo

Nagaraj Kulkarni

Nagaraj Kulkarni


Suprakash Nandy

Suprakash Nandy

Principal Architect, Tiger Analytics

Rajat Kumar Agarwal

Rajat Kumar Agarwal

CEO, Jagriti InnoHealth Platforms Pvt Ltd

Amit Sedai

Amit Sedai

CTO at Jagriti Innovations

Nitin Kaulavkar

Nitin Kaulavkar

Independent Consultant

Hemanth Kumar A

Hemanth Kumar A

General Manager and Automation Delivery Head, Wipro Limited

Srinivasulu Nasam

Srinivasulu Nasam

Technical Director, Regional Head, IoT and Digitalization, Bosch

Vijay Seshadri

Vijay Seshadri

Fellow, SVP Engineering, Swiggy

Venu Madhav

Venu Madhav

Senior Vice President,
Fidelity Information Services

Srinivas Varadarajan

Srinivas Varadarajan

Founder & CEO,
Vigyanlabs Innovations Private Limited.

Rajendra S Pawar

Rajendra S Pawar

Chairman and Co-Founder, NIIT Group

Bimaljeet Singh Bhasin

Bimaljeet Singh Bhasin

President - Enterprise Business India NIIT Ltd.

Dr. Yogesh Kumar Bhatt

Dr. Yogesh Kumar Bhatt

EVP and Business Head, StackRoute, an NIIT Venture

Dr. Vishnupriya Raghavan

Dr. Vishnupriya Raghavan

Vice President,
Client Advisory and Transformation,
StackRoute, an NIIT Venture


S. No. Name Organization Topic
1 Nandakumar N
Nirvato Software Pvt Ltd
Access Management Solution for Object Storage
2 Nandhakumar Appusamy
3 Gaurav Gupte
Senquire Analytics Private Limited
Next Frontier of AI: Distributed Computing at the edge
4 Neeraj Deshpande
5 Muthamizh Selvan S
Tiger Analytics
Sustainable Cloud Data Architecture focused on carbon neutral goals
6 Harsha Mediboyina
7 Naveen Thammaiahppa
Dell Technologies
Retail on the Edge : Bold Strategies for Success
8 Shivakumar N
9 Brahmanand Savanth
10 Anand Bhave
11 Sudhindra Ambekar
Dell Technologies
Converged and Hyper-Converged Infrastructure Modernization/Transformation
12 Satish Kumar
13 Suryanarayana Gottumukkala
14 Nishant Saxena
Dell Technologies
Control Plane as a Service
15 Diwahar Sivaraman
16 Sethuraman Pichai
17 SaiDeepthi Baliga
Dell Technologies
Cyber Recovery as a Service
18 Deepak Mahadevappa
19 Soumya Srivastava
20 Lakshmana Gandh
FIS Global
Regression & Performance Test Using CI/CD
21 Renuka Parameswaran
22 Sashi Shekar
23 Sabhrant Srivastava
24 Chetan Savdekar
Mastek Limited
Intelligent video analytics (IVA) - Solution Architecture
25 Piyush Pradhan
26 Naveen Garla Surendra Bosch Global Software Technologies Pvt Ltd Digital Transformation for Modernizing Tourism Licensing Process
27 Triveni Prabhu Bosch Global Software Technologies Pvt Ltd Composable Commerce
28 Vikranth Mohan Rao
DXC Technology
Container DevOps Architecture:Digital Transformation at speed of Business
29 Elango Boopathy
30 Siba Mishra
DXC Technology
Banking Security Solution Architecture
31 Diganta Ranjan
32 Kritika
DXC Technology
Hybrid and Multi-Cloud using Azure Arc
33 Vijay Upreti
34 Girish H B DXC Technology AS 400 DB2 migration to AWS
S. No. Company Name Poster Title Participant Names
1 Bosch Global Software Technologies Pvt Ltd Digital Transformation For Modernizing Tourism Liscencing Process Naveen Garla Surendra
Dell Technologies
Retail on the Edge : Bold Strategies for Success
Naveen Thammaiahppa
Shivakumar N
Brahmanand Savanth
Anand Bhave
DXC Technology
Digital Transformation at the speed of Business
Vikranth Mohan Rao
Elango Boopathy
Mastek Limited
Intelligent video analytics (IVA) - Solution Architecture
Chetan Savdekar
Piyush Pradhan
Senquire Analytics Private Limited
Next Frontier of AI: Distributed Computing at the edge
Gaurav Gupte
Neeraj Deshpande

Contact Details

We look forward to seeing you at Digital Architect Conclave 2023!